Cancer Book

At that time, I found the book “Fighting with Cancer”. After reading this book carefully,
I was convinced that this
was the traditional
Chinese medicine I needed."

- Mr. Eta (Japan)


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Table of Contents

Chapter I
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine:
  • An Effective Treatment for Cancer?
  • Is Cancer really incurable?
  • Current situation in cancer treatment
  • The complementary functions of Chinese and Western Medicine
  • Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Integration of Western and Chinese Medicine
  • Current situation in the integration of Chinese and Western medical remedies
Chapter II
  • Tian Xian Liquid
  • Traditional Chinese Anti-Cancer Medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine recognized by the Chinese government
  • The development of Tian Xian Liquid
  • Main contents and ingredients
  • The Chang Bai Mountain 'Treasure house of crude drugs'
  • Pharmaceutical actions of main crude drugs

Chapter III

  • The Efficacy of Treatments and Precautions
  • From capsule to liquid medicine
  • How to improve the quality
  • Praises are pouring in...
  • The Characteristics of the Improved No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid
  • The Characteristics of the More Effective No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid
  • The Characteristics of the No. 1 Tian Xian Pellets
  • The Characteristics of the No. 1 Tian Xian Suppositories of
  • China
  • The Characteristics of the No. Tian Xian Plaster of China

Chapter IV

  • Clinical experiments prove the effectiveness
  • The clinical experiments of ten research institutions
  • The anti-cancer medicine with extensive usage

Chapter V

  • How to Prevent Cancer and Metastasis
  • Alter Daily Habits and Lifestyle
  • Foods that can prevent cancer

Author nominated as one of the
"Top Ten Youths of China" (1991)

Best Invention Award
38th World Eureka Invention Expo

Medal of Honor, Belgium

Author with China President Jiang Zemin

 Defeating Uterus Cancer And Breast Cancer
  • Defeat The Cancer Monster Twice
    Edith Shih, 49, Housewife, San Francisco, U.S.A.,
  • Cherish Renewed Health With Heartfelt Gratitude
    Miss Shimada, 44, Unemployed, Tokyo
  • Value Remaining Life More
    Lady Nakagawa, 62, Housewife, Osaka
  • Pursue The Beautiful Life While Suffering From A Disease Beyond Cure
    Miss Sato, 36, Housewife, Miyazaki County
  • A Beam of Light In The Darkness
    Lau Siu Ying, 65, Housewife, Hong Kong
  • Living Is The Best Proof
    Liang Bai Cuizhu, 62, Housewife, Taiwan, Taipei
Defeating Breast Cancer
  • Gain Courage In The Embrace of Nature
    Lady Okada, 69, Housewife, Gifu County
  • Regain Vitality And Hope
    Lady Nakada, 59, Housewife, Osaka
  • Relish The Joys Of Life
    Lady Saho, 45, Teacher, Thailand
  • Reclaim Life With God's Blessing
    Lady Alina, 53, Housewife, Manila, Philippines
  • More Energetic Than Before
    Wang Meiyun, 41, Housewife, Malaysia
  • The Threat Of Death Poses A Challenge
    Lady Ohara, 43, Housewife, Totori County
  • Living Peacefully With Cancer
    Mr. Gotou, 49, Tokushima County
Defeating Lung Cancer
  • A Warrior Who Has Fought Against Cancer For 10 Years
    Mr. Fukuda, 68, Retired, Yamakuchi County
  • Family Members' Love Defeat The Cancer Monster
    Mr. Kisohara, 69, Company Employee, Mie County
  • "Confidence" Is The Only Road To Cure
    Mr. Eta, 72, Retired, Yamaguchi County
  • Regain Vitality And Hope
    Lady Nakada, 59, Housewife, Osaka
  • Relish The Joys Of Life
    Lady Saho, 45, Teacher, Thailand
  • Reclaim Life With God's Blessing
  • Snatch The Last Straw
    Mr. Kitahara, 45, Responsible Personnel of a Company, Osaka
  • Forget The Disease And Live A Vigorous Life
    Mrs. Yang, 71, Housewife, Taipei, Taiwan
  • The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of Life Are Unpredictable
    Lady Nakamura, 62, Housewife, Tokyo
  • Greet The 21st Century With My Wife
    Lady Yamane, 55, Housewife, Fukushima County
  • It Is Not Impossible To Restore Life To Normal
    Mr. Nakashima, 74, Retired, Tokyo
  • Family's Support Is The Best Cure
    Zhu Cheng, 66, Retired, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Change The Ruthless Prediction Of Death
    Mr. Yakeshime, 64, Retired, Nakashima
  • A Mother Who Meets The End With Great Courage
    Daughter's account, Lu Taitai, 76, Retired, Taipei, Taiwan
  • It Is Not Long Before Returning To Society
    Lim Mu Xin, 72, Company Owner, Fukuoka County
  • Hope Is Always At The Next Turn
    Mr. Yamada, 41, Private Entrepreneur, Chiba County
  • Never Give Up
    Lady Ishikawa, 67, Housewife, Tokyo
  • Iron-Like Will Power
    Chen Liangyi, 60, Veteran, Taipei, Taiwan
  • For My Family's Sake, I Should Not Be Defeated
    Lau Wai, 55, Guard at a Primary School, Hong Kong
  • Only When I Fell Ill Did I Realize That Health Is Heaven
    Wang Zhouhong, 63, Shop Owner, Malaysia
  • Relish the Happiness In Uttering Words Again
    Kan Mukkwun, 54, Fire-fighter, Hong Kong
Defeating Liver Cancer
  • Climb From The Valley Of Despair
    Mr. Kido, 66, Company Personnel, Osaka
  • How Joyful It Is To Live A Peaceful Life
    Mr. Kimura, 59, Retired, Yamakuchi County
  • Face Disease With The Will-Power Needed In Climbing Mountains
    Mr. Horikuchi, 70, Employee, Gunma County
  • Never Accept Failure
    Lady Sawada, 77, Housewife, Byogo County
  • Trembling With The Wish For Recovery
    Mr. Shimada, 65, Company Employee, Kanagawa County
  • Never Let Father Die Of Cancer
    Mr. Oishi, 64, Private Entrepreneur, Kanagawa County
  • I Cannot Recall The Time When I Was Lying In Bed With Disease
    Lady Hirashima, 53, Employee, Hiroshima County
  • I Believe, So I Recover
    Putlapun, 53, Private Entrepreneur, Thailand
  • My Wife's Great Love Gets Back My Health
    Puttawala, 52, Thailand
  • Don't Give Up!
    Mr. Nakaro, 49, Private Entrepreneur, Miyagi County
  • It Is Like A Nightmare When I Look Back
    Mr. Oshima, 62, Retired, Chiba County
  • It Is Better To Live Even Just One More Day
    Mr. Ikeda, 51, Company Employee, Saidama County
  • Curb The Horse At The Cliff To Regain Your Health
    Mr. Oda, 69, Retired, Tokyo
  • Finally, I Can Enjoy A Peaceful Life In My Old Age
    Lady Namiki, 78, Housewife, Kanagawa County
  • The Ever Worsening Nightmare Finally Stops
    Mr. Tokokawa, 67, Retired, Kanagawa County
  • Slip Through The Crevice Of The Fingers Of The God of Death
    Lady Efuji, 51, Housewife, Byogo County
  • Inspire Determination To Fight Cancer
    Mr. Cheng Chi Keung, 67, Retired, Hong Kong
  • Feel The Beauty Of Life
    Jun Wan, 58, Writer, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Health Returns To Me
    Chen Wumei, 70, Housewife, Taipei, Taiwan
  • I Am Not Alone In My Fight Against Cancer
    Mr. Dong, 56, Teacher, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Rediscover The Love Between Grandparents And Grandsons
    Mr. Nick Mark, 62, Business Consultant, New York, U.S.A.
Defeating Stomach Cancer
  • Make Good Use Of Medicine And Regain Life
    Mr. Obune, 55, Company Employee, Tokyo
  • Start From The Victory At The Wei Qi Competition
    Mr. Furotaka, 74, Retired, Tochigi County
  • The One Who Survived Cancer Stands Before You
    Mr. Kobayashi, 71, Retired, Kanagawa County
  • Escape From The Tentacles Of Anti-Cancer Drugs
    Lady Takada, 58, Housewife, Shiga County
  • Believing Is The Best Treatment
    Mr. Nosaki, 65, Company Director, Tokyo
  • Feel The Essence Of Life Again
    Mr. Watase, 56, Employee, Saga County
  • My Sincere Suggestions
    Lady Kishima, 79, Housewife, Tokyo
  • I Believe In Miracles
    Chen Wenchao, 60, Yeteral, Gaoxiong, Taiwan
  • Cancer Disappeared
    Yeung Ching Wan, 58, Housewife, Hong Kong
  • Selected Treatments For Old Patients
    Lady Kurosawa, 87, Housewife, Hokaido
  • Choice To Accept Silently Or Change My Lifestyle
    Lady Noda, 64, Housewife, Tokyo
Defeating Intestinal Cancer
  • A Healthier Life After Cancer
    Lady Okubo, 67, Housewife, Kanagawa County
  • Defeat Cancer With Absolute Confidence
    Mr. Odachi, 48, Private Entrepreneur, Miyagaki County
  • A Miraculous Extension From 6 Months To 2 Years
    Mrs. Huang, 57, Housewife, Gaoxiong, Taiwan
  • Reliance On Body And Heart After Operation
    Chen Yueyen, 37, Unemployed, Malaysia
  • Sharing Happiness And Experience
    Mr. Kawada,61, Retired, Hiroshima
  • Family Members Gave Me The Courage To Struggle For Survival
    Mr. Fred Walltic, 52, Driver, U.S.A.
  • Changing Crisis Into Another Chance For Life
    Lin Sufeng, 54, Middle School Teacher, Taiwan
Defeating Prostate Cancer
  • Miraculous Return to Life A Surprising Delight
    Mr. Sakui, 77, Company Director, Kanagawa County
  • Regain The Happiness Of Life
    Mr. Kanada, 81, Retired, Tokyo
Defeating Malignant Lymph Tumor
  • Experiences In Fighting Cancer Four Times
    Lady Matsuda, 57, Housewife
  • Symptoms Disappeared Quickly
    Kong Chi Keung, 77, Retired, Hong Kong
  • Facing Death Courageously
    Zeng Yuee, 32, Engaged in Processing Work, Taiwan
  • Cancer Cells Mysteriously Disappear
    Jian Guodeng, 42, Manufacturing & Sales of Automotive Parts, Taipei
  • For My Wife's Sake, I Shall Never Give Up
    Huang Qingbiao, 37, Food Processor, Taiwan
  • Good Products Bring New Hope
    Ma Meiyu, 46, Housewife, Thailand
Experiences In Defeating Skin Cancer
  • Family's Support Surpasses All
    Lady Nagada, 49, Housewife, Gifu County
  • Determine To Co-exist With Cancer
    Mr. Amenaka, 71, Retired, Chiba County
Experiences In Defeating Bone Cancer
  • Overcome The Tremendous Pain Caused By Cancer
    Lady Nagada, 69, Housewife, Shijuoka County
  • I Am Not The Only One Who Suffers From Cancer
    Lady Yamamura, 65, Housewife, Kanagawa County
  • Miraculous Return to Life After Being Given Only 3 Months To Live
    Mr. Klarkon, 57, College Professor, South Africa
  • My Experience With Bone Cancer
    Wan Rsbiatul, 13, Student, Malacca
Defeating Laryngopharyns Cancer
  • Try Various Ways And Believe
    Mr. Nakahara, 64, Retired, Igeraki County
  • Resolve Never To Give Up
    Mr. Tanaka, 64, Private Entrepreneur, Saga County
Defeating Thyroid Gland Cancer
  • Desire Never To Give Up
    Mr. Ikeyama, 41, Employee, Yamanashi County
  • If I Had Only Known Of Tian Xian Liquid Earlier
    Zhu Zhi Chi, 62, Orderly, Taiwan
Defeating Nose Cancer
  • I Am Surprised At The Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Putlachatta, 62, Private Entrepreneur, Thailand
  • Finding Hope And Not Despair
    Zhou Yuzhen, 58, Carpenter, Taiwan
  • Reviving the Spirit and the Body
    Lee Yuk Yin, 52, Businessman, Hong Kong
Defeating Esophagus Cancer
  • Renewed Happiness For Sons And Grandsons
    Ding Suk Ying, 70, Housewife, Hong Kong
  • How To Care For The Body After Operation
    Mr. Etou, 40, Employee, Nakashima County
Defeating Tongue Cancer
  • Value Life And Value Tian Xian Liquid
    Cai Junhui, 42, Bus Driver, Taiwan
Defeating Malignant Thymus Tumor
  • No Side Effects Even With Chemical Treatment
    Sing Kam Yuen, 36, Employee, Hong Kong
Defeating Other Diseases
  • Family Members Surprised By My Recovery
    Lady Shimitsu, 63, Saitama County
  • Improved Physique
    Miss Tobashi, 26, Employee, Tokyo
  • Conquer Excruciating Pain
    Mr. Kikuchyo, 70, Retired, Kanagawa County
  • Iron Deficient Patient Enjoy Food Again
    Mr. Nohara, 39, Employee, Tokyo
  • Natural Nutritious Liquid Conquers Listlessness
    Miss Sakara, 29, Employee, Tokyo

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